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Whats imKurs.at?

imKurs.at is a web-portal for course offers of all kinds.
The platform offers functions for the complete handling of course bookings.

With imKurs.at course organizers and course seekers are to be brought together in an easy way and the past, often time-consuming determination of appropriate course offers by word of mouth or the search of many websites of course providers eliminated.

With just a few clicks, you can find, book and, if necessary, cancel a wide range of courses in your area for you and your family members.

Who is imKurs.at for?

Course organizers

As a course organizer, you can present all of your course offerings and benefit from the convenient features of the application.
It does not matter if you are a sole proprietorship or have employees.

  • Convenient maintenance of your course offers
  • Convenient maintenance of your course locations
  • Comfortable maintenance of your coaches (if applicable)
  • Cancellation of course enrollment
  • Cancellation of course offers (eg illness of the trainer)
  • Mail notification when registering or canceling one of your offers (if desired)
  • PDF printouts (eg invoices, participant lists, appointment lists)
  • Own cancellation conditions
  • Possibility to discount
  • List of your offers in the course-list page
  • Seamless integration into your website through CMS plugins
  • Presence in the area of ​​the organizer (if desired)
  • Application of the platform or courses offered by Google Adwords and in various media.
  • Your first course offer can be completed free of charge.

Information about the fees of imKurs.at can be found under General Terms and Conditions: Prices

Course participants

All those who are interested in attending a course are welcome to use our free of charge service:

  • Wide choice of courses
  • Convenient, location-based location search (for courses near you)
  • You can also register family members for courses.
  • Clear presentation of your course personal data
  • Clear presentation of your bookings
  • Own course calendar (with export function)
  • Cancellation for bookings (14 days guaranteed free of charge, depending on the organizer)
  • Mail notification when creating or canceling a booking
  • PDF printouts (invoices, appointment lists)

Who is behind imKurs.at?

Creative Systems
Frank Silberberger

CreativeSystems is an IT service provider based in Tyrol, which specializes in tailor-made Internet and intranet software solutions.
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